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I’m a writer, editor, copy editor, and screenwriter based in New York. In my work as a screenwriter my primary interest is children’s media: I love preschool shows especially but when possible work on 6-9-year-old properties all the way up to adult media. I’ve worked with projects from all around the world. Some of the properties I’ve contributed to include:

CANDY AND TOOTHIE – A preschool show about the unlikely friendship between a piece of candy and a tooth, set in a fantasy candy land and developed by Thinxworks Pictures in Bangalore, India

DINOSAURUS EXPLOREUS – A preschool show about a group of dinosaurs who travel the world to learn about great places and civilizations, with a geography and history curriculum, developed by Believe Animation in Green Bay, Wisconsin

THE GREAT INVENTORS – A stop-motion preschool show about cavemen struggling to invent modern technology, with no dialogue, developed by Thinxworks Pictures in Bangalore, India

JALEBI – A preschool show about a group of jungle animals, with a curriculum about Indian languages and Indian-American culture, developed by Kushi Productions in Boston, Massachusetts

KICKIN’ KITCHEN – A musical live-action tween comedy about a girl’s dream to become a world-class chef, with a food and nutrition curriculum, produced by KidsCOOK in Boston, Massachusetts

THE MILKSHAKE SHOW – A live-action musical children’s show featuring the Grammy-nominated rock band Milkshake, with a curriculum about diversity and problem solving, developed by the band members in Baltimore, Maryland

NICKY’S AWESOME ADVENTURES – A nonfiction travel show for 6-11 year olds featuring a feisty globetrotting girl from the United Arab Emirates, developed by Cardamon Assets in Dubai, UAE

THE SALTIES – A preschool show about a British seaside village and the salty animals who live there, developed by Hibernian American Ltd. in Dublin, Ireland, the creators of Jakers! The Adventures of Piggly Winks

SMARTSVILLE – A preschool show about a group of friends from different countries living and learning to work together in the same town, developed by Sharp Image in Karachi, Pakistan

WHO’S WATCHING CONRAD FARCUS? – A 6-11-year-old show about a group of zany animals in a Louisiana bayou, developed by Believe Animation in Green Bay, Wisconsin

I can be reached at randyastle@hotmail.com for work developing new series (pilots or bibles), writing for existing series, or writing for/polishing short films, webseries, transmedia, VR, features, and other content for children or adults. Please also reach out for nonfiction writing or ghost writing, editing, copy editing, or proofreading.